Grassroots and CSOs to hold workshops for a People’s Protocol on

Grassroots and CSOs to hold workshops for a People’s Protocol on

[Bali, Indonesia]-  The same time that dignitaries from over 180
countries are convening inside the fully air-conditioned Bali
International Convention Center (BICC) to design the Bali roadmap to
climate change, people from the grassroots and civil society are also
gathering in a forest conservation area to come up with their very own
roadmap towards a stable climate.

This is in recognition that the Kyoto Protocol failed in offering a
sustainable solution to climate change and does not allow sufficient
voice from the marginalized sectors- who are the most affected by
climate change. In the new round of negotiations at the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change, people will be declaring their
aspirations and demands for consideration and inclusion in the upcoming
post 2012 climate change road map through the People’s Protocol on
Climate Change, which above everything else, pushes for a sustainable
economic framework and the people’s sovereignty on natural resources.

Led by IBON Foundation Inc, the International NGO Forum on Indonesian
Development (INFID), Aid/Watch and the International League of
Struggles- Indonesia (AGRA, FMN, PERPENI, GRI, INDIES), people will be
gathering in Sumber Klampok, which is a four-hour drive from BICC, to
discuss the draft People’s Declaration on Climate Change prepared by
social movements during a Natural Resources Conference in Bangkok,
Thailand. From the workshops, the people will draw up and adopt a
People’s Protocol on Climate Change.  A similar series of workshops
already held in Jakarta and other key cities in Indonesia. The
Protocol on Climate Change will be widely circulated starting on the
evening of December 6.

The People’s Protocol on Climate Change will be endorsed at a
coordinated people’s actions in 14 cities in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi
Kalimantan on December 10th, International Human Rights day.  People
from all over the world are also encouraged to adopt the People’s
Protocol through sign-ons and other campaign actions.

The endorsed People’s Protocol on Climate Change will be submitted to


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